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Shaping Bathing Bodysuit®

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UPDATE: We're currently going viral on social media and have very limited stock remaining for our February sale!
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Our ShapeSwim Bathing Suit is the ultimate combination of shaping and comfort. Experience the magic of our 360° body sculpting mid-waist design. It holds in your core, shapes your waist, and smoothes your tummy for a sleek and contoured look.

  • Holds In Your Core, Shapes Your Waist. Smoothes Your Tummy
  • 360° Body Sculpting Mid-Waist Design


Everyone likes bathing suits and comfort.

No one likes muffin tops and tummy rolls.

We listened and created a bathing suit that is SO stretchy and soft that it feels like a second skin

Finally, have the comfort and a smoother look that you've been searching for but could never find



Features shaping zones that target the stomach and are designed with comfy fabric that provides all-over support.


Instantly feel supported and slimmed in all the right places. Designed to effortlessly tuck your tummy, slim your hips, and smooth your back.


Not only does it serve as a stylish and flattering swimsuit, but it can also be effortlessly paired with your favorite cover-ups or bottoms for a fashionable beach-to-street look


Helps tighten your bottom and lift your buttock.


We recently went viral on social media! We highly recommend placing an order while we still have stock 

Customer Reviews

Based on 184 reviews

Just like on TikTok you look at it and think "how in Gods name is this going to fit me?" But it does!!! Super slimming and soft. Of course, despite the softness of the material, it isn't the most comfortable thing in the world...but what shapewear is? Ive gained much more weight over the last few years than I'd like to admit so this helps me to feel more confident. Definitely follow the size chart when ordering!


I’ve only worn Spanx shapewear and their products are far too compressing and constantly roll down/up. Not worth the price. So I was skeptical about this brand. I decided to purchase the thong bodysuit and size up. I usually wear medium in clothes. I got a large. My main issue is my lower belly pudge. I’ve avoided wearing dresses, rompers, and jumpsuits for years because of my insecurity. I was surprised at how comfortable this product was when I put it on. It hugged my body but I didn’t feel suffocated. I tried on a romper and was amazed at how flat my stomach looked. Later that night I put on a grey jumpsuit and went to the movies. At the end of the night I still looked great! I haven’t felt this confident in a while. Going to buy the mid thigh bodysuit now!

My only complaint is that the thong bodysuit is too high waisted and if not adjusted properly, it won’t cover the fupa area. The trick is to make sure the front bottom part of the bodysuit completely covers the fupa before putting on your clothes. Pull it down as much as possible. And pull up the back part of the bodysuit as much as possible. It WILL stay in place throughout the day.


I don't like shapewear lol. I have worn the ones that are sort of like bike shorts but with more tummy coverage a few times for certain events or outfits and they always pinched and would ride down at the waist, but the shorts would also somehow ride up, I was always super sweaty in them and uncomfortable, they would pinch - it was just an all around bad time. So several years ago, I threw in the towel and just decided I would not deal with it anymore lol. I would wear regular bike shorts under dresses or skirts and otherwise it would be fine.

And then I got invited to a fancier event for NYE. And I had a dress to wear already in my closet. But it *needed* shapewear to look how I wanted it to. I went on an Amazon hunt and after many hours of searching and reading reviews - I landed on this one. I got the full body shaper that basically looks like a leotard with shorts lol. I sort of snickered at the idea that I could wear this without a bra - I am a DDD, I didn't even try it without a bra on NYE, just pulled this on right over the bra I was wearing - which worked no problem.

The wonderful thing about this shaper is that it actually works how it should. It doesn't ride up or down, it doesn't bunch, it is breathable enough that I don't feel like I am dying - and it smooths everything out and provides protection from chub rub. The shorts are short enough for cocktail dresses - and it is easy enough to pull them shorter if need be and adjust the shaper accordingly. I danced the night away, and drank way too much at the after-after party in this shaper lol. And didn't feel uncomfortable once.

Now, the fun part - I decided to try wearing this to go out with the girls a few weekends ago with some jeans and a vest that I have always wanted to wear as a shirt - but never felt I could get away with it with my chest. This shaper *actually* worked with my chest. Was it as supportive as a "proper" bra with an underwire? No. Was it more supportive than a bralette? Hell yeah - seriously *so* much better than a bralette. No sagging or weird uni-boob! I loved the amount of support it gave me actually. it looked great with jeans and my vest-as-a-shirt also, but I was so jazzed about how genuinely comfortable I was in it which I never would have actually believed was possible for a bodyshaper.

Since then, I have worn it at least 3 other times, to work, or to go out with friends. I've worn it to dinner and had a full meal with no issues, I have sat in the office all day in it and not been uncomfortable. And it gives me such a nice level of support without being restrictive at all. I move around a lot lol - and this doesn't impact me at all. I literally have sometimes forgotten I had it on until I went to use the restroom lol.

The only *tiny* thing that I haven't 100% loved about it - is that the bust line is a little high (especially if you are tightening the straps to get as much support as you can lol) so the shaper sometimes would peep out the top of my shirt a bit which I would have liked if it was low enough that didn't happen and so I could get some proper cleavage lol. But overall I adore it and will probably see if there are other necklines by this brand to try out.


I got a S/M but could definitely squeeze into a XS/S if I wanted to. It does it’s job and smoothes out perfectly under a dress


As soon as I put it on I rushed to buy it in every color! I am 5’5 160lbs and wear between a size 6 and 4 in jeans and I got the xxs / xs. This shapewear did not give me the hourglass figure I wanted but boy does it smooth and even everything out! If you struggle with muffin top because of loose skin like I do this is the shapewear for you! 10/10 will recommend.