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The Comfort Bra

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Color: Black
Size: XS
UPDATE: We're currently going viral on social media and have very limited stock remaining for our February sale!
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Our bra is so comfortable you'll forget you have one on. It's made from lightweight, breathable fabrics and provides gentle support, lifting and shaping without annoying strings.
  • Seamless technology - comfortable, soft and rejuvenating.
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Lightly lined foam cups for comfort and modesty.
  • Adjustable hook and eyelets in the back - with additional adjustment (4 rows)
  • Knitted front cradle for better shape and support.
  • The suspenders have no material to pass through clothing.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 61 reviews
        FINALLY - A Bra That Fits

        I finally found a bra that fits me -- the Bali Comfort Revolution Wireless bra . I am elderly and have recently lost 10 pounds (intentionally). I was wearing a Bali lace & smooth underwire bra, size 36C, but it was too big for me now. I finally found that my size is (approx.) a 34B or C. I tried different brands and Bali doesn't make many underwire bras in size 34B. I noticed that some wireless bras looked okay. I tried a couple different wireless bras and they were not good -- absolutely no support or too big. I thought, well, I'll try Bali again and found this one. It works even without wire! Nice, smooth, supportive and comfortable.

        Just how i expected (in a good way)

        I’ve been looking for a bra like this for some time now. I actually own a couple of these bras with the similar shaping and fabric feel to them, I bought them in a 3 pack from Target I think. I have sized down since then and needed some new ones, and I searched hoping to find the same ones I got all that time ago. This brand fits exactly what I was looking and hoping for. I used to be a size DD and my back would hurt a lot from the bras I would wear, and usually they never fit me right anyway because I had a slim figure but huge jugs. I lost some weight and can say I’m probably a size C or D by now because I definitely don’t fit my old DD bras. If you want a snug-fitting supportive bra, this one really helps to keep the girls uplifted and feeling lighter even, but make sure you get the right size! The bra is definitely comfortable and soft, I love it. I’ll be coming back to buy more!

        Latin Babygirl
        Classic Comfort Revolution Comfort with Added Shaping and Coverage

        I have been wearing the comfort revolution t-shirt bra for 10 years. I recently ordered more and ordered this one by mistake. I think I love it more than the t-shirt bra, at least for wearing out of the house. It's padded and has superior shaping and nipple coverage. The pads might be sewn in because they don't shift, bunch, or move. I also went down a size and the shoulder straps (not adjustable) are shorter. I get more support and lift. The t-shirt is still great for lounging, sleeping, staying at home, but this one is great for around town, even to work.

        For size reference, I'm 5'3" 155# and wear size 10P or Medium in everything. All my old bras were Medium. This time I bought Small and love the fit and support.

        I definitely need this style in more colors!

        The solution to my bra problems

        Underwire bras hurt my ribs if I wear them all day. This has no wires.
        Sports bras squash me flat and give me uniboob. This supports well and, while it doesn't not give separation and lift like an underwire, it's much better than sports bras. I actually look better in clothes with this bra on.
        Sports bras are hard to get into, a real struggle as I get older. This has hook fasteners in the back band so putting it on and taking it off is a breeze.
        Sports bras often have soft cups that are inserted through tiny openings in the underarm area, and if you machine-wash the bra with the cups in place, they will fold in half and rotate inside the bra so that you have to adjust them after washing, which is a pain. The cups in this bra are integral, sewn in place, and do not shift or move at all. They are able to offer real support instead of just keeping your headlights from showing, although they do that, too.
        Some of my sports bras have extra straps that look cute and help to keep all straps from sliding off my shoulders, but they have started to irritate my back between my shoulder blades. This has straps that are wide and comfortable and do not slide off my sloping shoulders, plus they end up seated on my shoulders in a place that manages to stay hidden under T-shirts and tank shirts alike.
        Soft bras with wide bands should fit smoothly across my ribs, and they do -- for about 30 seconds, after which they roll up and dig into my ribs. The band on this is just right, just wide enough to get a grip, and just strong enough to stay put, but narrow enough to stay flat and not roll up.
        Oh, how I love this bra! When they say you can put it on and wear it all day and forget that you're wearing anything, they are right. I love how it looks when it peeks out from under the too-low tops and dresses that are really pretty but too low for anybody who was raised to keep her cleavage covered. It has a nice binding along the neckline that helps it look like a camisole. I love that it comes in lots of colors, because now I'm going to get several to wear under said low-cut tops and dresses instead of just black. I'm tempted to donate all of my other bras and just replace them with these. It could well happen.

        Gentle for sensitive skin

        I need super soft clothing, because the slightest irritation can trigger an outbreak of psoriasis. While I still need a liner and some powder or cream, this felt almost as good as wearing no bra. I appreciate the lack of wires or any hardware that could scratch my skin. Also, I don’t have to worry about “showing” through a t-shirt.